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9.36 – Injury to Property

9.36.010 – Prohibited acts designated

It is unlawful to damage property.  A person commits damage to property who:

  1. Knowingly damages property of another without his consent; or
  2. Recklessly by means of fire or explosive damages property of another; or
  3. Knowingly starts a fire on the land of another without his consent; or
  4. Knowingly injures a domestic animal of another without his consent; or
  5. Knowingly deposits on the land or in the building of another, without his consent, any stink bomb or any offensive smelling compound and thereby intends to interfere with the use by another of the land or building.
(1969-M-3: § 4; Prior code: § 28.036)

9.36.020 – Defacing lawful advertisement or notice prohibited

It is unlawful to advertise any unlawful business or article in the city and it is unlawful to injure or deface any lawful advertisement or notice.

(Prior code: § 28.013)