8.06 – Public-Owned Boat Launch

8.06.010 – Restrictions

It is unlawful for any person to cause or permit a boat or personal watercraft to park or otherwise be left unattended at any Public-Owned boat launch or public access point to the Fox River: (a) within the corporate limits of the City; and (b) in excess of three (3) hours.

Said notice shall be clearly posted and police enforced. For boats and watercrafts left unattended, notice shall be personally given to the watercraft owner(s) and/or a tow sticker shall be applied to watercrafts left unattended and in violation of said ordinance. If the watercraft is not moved within 48-hours of notice/posting or if an emergency situation exists which cause the immediate removal of the watercraft, the owner(s) shall bear the expense of the removal and any associated fees/costs.

(2018-M-24: § 1)

8.06.020 – Exemptions

The prohibition set forth herein shall not apply to any person with a valid life emergency where emergency personnel have been summoned or otherwise alerted to the scene.

The prohibition set forth herein shall not apply to any public entity, including, but not limited to, the government of any state, the United States of America and any department, agency or subdivision thereof.

(2018-M-24: § 1)

8.06.030 – Violation - Penalty

Any person who violates this Chapter shall be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50) nor more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($250) for each offense with each offense constituting a separate offense.

(2018-M-24: § 1)