6.24 – Rabies

6.24.010 – Vaccination of dogs and cats required

  1. Each owner of each dog or cat four months of age or older shall have such dog or cat currently vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.  Evidence of vaccination shall consist of a certificate signed by the veterinarian.  The type and brand of vaccine used shall be as approved by the State Department of Agriculture.
  2. A current certificate issued by a veterinarian licensed to practice in any other jurisdiction establishing vaccination with a vaccine approved by said department may be accepted.
(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.34)

6.24.020 – Biter animals - Rabies observation period

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner of any warm-blooded animal that has bitten a human being to notify the animal control officer of such bite and to surrender such animal for an observation period of ten days to a veterinary hospital of the owner's choice within twenty-four hours after said bite.  If, however, a licensed veterinarian is presented evidence that such animal has been vaccinated against rabies within the time prescribed by law prior to the biting, such animal shall be confined in the home of its owner or in a manner that shall prohibit such animal from biting any other person or animal for a period of ten days.  It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner to have such animal examined by a licensed veterinarian on the first and tenth day of home impoundment.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.35)