6.20 – Cats

6.20.020 – Classes Designated

For purpose of application of this title, cats which are:  (A) kept within or on the property or other premises of their owners; (B) maintained by being provided with food or by being given other privileged use of privately owned property; (C) brought into the city; or (D) otherwise present within the city; shall be divided into the following two classes:

  1. Cats whose ownership is established by a readable and current license tag as elsewhere provided for herein, or whose ownership is promptly traceable by means of any other readable identification affixed to a collar or harness, or whose ownership is certified to by a reliable witness and immediately verifiable by the animal control officer or his representative, all such cats hereinafter to be classed as "non-feral and protected," and
  2. Cats whose ownership, if any, cannot readily be established by any of the means stated in subdivision A of this section, all such animals hereinafter to be classed as "feral and unprotected."
(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.48)

6.20.030 – Complaint procedure

Upon receiving a complaint testifying to extreme nuisance, including undue and repeated disturbance, imminent danger to any property, inhabitant's safety and/or assessable damage to person or property, caused by the presence of a cat on the property or premises of the complainant, and upon said complainant's certification that he has no knowledge whatsoever of the identity of the owner, said complainant shall be given the right to appear before the animal control officer at a designated time and place to sign a complaint in verification of the facts, the animal control officer or his representative shall accept from the complainant any cat(s) cited, the animal control officer or his representative shall visit the complainant's premises and make reasonable effort to apprehend said cat(s).


(2020-M-67: § 1; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.49 (part))

6.20.040 – Stray cats - Complaint and removal procedure

If a cat wearing a city license tag or other traceable identification or whose owner otherwise can be identified is found on or strays onto the property of another, it shall be the responsibility of the owner of said property, independent of and completely apart from the section on animal control, to notify the cat owner if removal is desired.  The section on animal control shall have no obligation to intervene in or be party to such proceeding, except to assist the complainant in obtaining information as to name and address of the owner from city records if the cat is wearing a current license tag as provided in Section 6.20.010.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.49 (part))

6.20.050 – Feral and unprotected cats - Disposal

Cats accepted or apprehended as feral and unprotected, as classified in subdivision 2 of Section 6.20.020, immediately shall be designated as surplus to the capabilities of the city to accommodate or otherwise provide for, and they shall be delivered forthwith to the animal control center for whatever disposal the said center elects to make of them after the elsewhere stipulated holding period of three days.  Further, neither the city nor said center shall be placed under obligation to disclose such disposal or to answer in any manner for its action to any party who later may seek to claim ownership.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.49 (part))

6.20.060 – Apprehension of cats creating danger to public safety

Nothing in these provisions shall be construed to bar the animal control officer from apprehending or from accepting, on the scene of a purported emergency on any public way or public building, any cat found to be causing a traffic hazard or otherwise creating danger to public safety.

(2020-M-67: § 2; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.49 (part))