6.08 – Administration and Enforcement

6.08.010 – Authority Designated

The Chief of Police or his/her designee is responsible for the administration and enforcement of this title, in cooperation with Kane County Animal Control and such agencies of county, state and federal government as may be involved in the care and control of animals.

(2020-M-65: § 1; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.21)

6.08.020 – Repository for animals

Kane County Animal Control is designated as an animal control center for the purposes of serving as a repository for animals apprehended or otherwise coming within the impounding authority of the city and for collecting such fees and penalties and rendering such other services within the confines of its headquarters in Geneva, Kane County, Illinois, as are or shall be assigned to it by mutual consent between the city and the center.

(2020-M-65: § 2; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.22)

6.08.030 – Holding Periods - Designated

Upon arrival at Kane County Animal Control, impounded animals, other than biter animals placed under rabies observation as provided for in Chapter 6.24, shall be held at said center for periods of time determined by Kane County Animal Control Services. Reference the following link for the current information: http://www.kanecountypets.com/documents/KCACordinance.pdf.

(2020-M-65: § 3; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.26)

6.08.040 – Holding periods - Exception

Holding periods shall not apply as to the prescribed length of time in the case of animals received for impounding in obviously critical physical condition or to animals for which immediate euthanasia shall be prescribed for humane reasons or for other valid reasons by a licensed veterinarian.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.27)

6.08.050 – Impoundment - Notification to owners

If directly traceable, owners of impounded dogs and cats, and owners of such other species of impounded animals as shall be promptly and directly traceable as to ownership shall be given notice of the impoundment of such animals within forty-eight hours of said impoundment.  Such notice may be mailed or shall be otherwise delivered by the animal control officer to the last known address of the owner of record and shall state the place of impoundment and the date after which the animal may be disposed of according to ordinance.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.28)

6.08.060 – Schedule of charges and redemption of impounded animals

Each person applying for redemption of an impounded animal and furnishing the animal control center with acceptable evidence of his right to reclaim said animal shall be required to pay, in cash at said center, the fees established in the contract between the City of St. Charles and Kane County Animal Control. Reference the following link for the current information: http://www.kanecountypets.com/documents/KCACordinance.pdf.

(2020-M-65: § 4; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.29)

6.08.070 – State or federal approval required for redemption when

No animal the ownership of which is limited or prohibited by Illinois statute or federal law shall be released from impoundment without appropriate state or federal approval.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.30)

6.08.080 – Redemption fee

If no legal barriers to redemption are posed by the state or federal government, or if all legal requirements have been fulfilled, the claimant shall be granted the right to redeem the animal upon payment to the appropriate holding authority pursuant to the fees established in the current animal control contract.

(2020-M-65: § 5; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.31)

6.08.090 – Disposal of unredeemed animals

Each animal remaining unredeemed after the prescribed holding period shall at once become the property of the animal control center, which is empowered and authorized to offer it for adoption into a new home if such be deemed advisable by the animal control center or otherwise to dispose of it in a humane manner.  Such shall apply irrespective of whether the animal control center is operated directly by the city or whether it is operated under an agreement with the Humane Society of North Central Illinois, Inc., or any other agency independent of city government.

(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.32)

6.08.100 – Violation - Penalty

Any person violating any provision of this title shall be fined not less than fifty ($50.00) dollars nor more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) for each offense.

Tiered Fine Schedule:

  1. First Offense: $50.00 fine (Citation only/no court date)
  2. Second Offense: $100 fine – (Citation only/no court date)
  3. Third Offense & Any Subsequent Offenses: Minimum fine $250/Maximum fine $750 – Must Appear Violation/Administrative Adjudication.
(2020-M-65: § 6; 1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.52)