5.32 – Refuse Collectors

5.32.005 – Definitions

The definitions stated in Chapter 8.24.010 are incorporated herein by reference.

(1990-M-13: § 1)

5.32.010 – License - Required

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of refuse collector, namely, the collection or disposal of animal, human or vegetable refuse, or offal, or refuse of any kind, without having first secured a license therefor.  A license may not be assigned, transferred or conveyed in any manner without the consent and approval of the mayor and city council of the city.

(1978-M-34: § 1 (part); 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.901)

5.32.011 – Types of license - Limitation on number

  1. Residential License:  A residential license permitting the refuse collector to collect garbage and refuse, compostable material and recyclable material from any location within the city.  There shall be only one residential refuse collection license issued by the city in effect at any time.
  2. Non-Residential License:  A non-residential license, permitting material and recyclable material from any location in the city other than single-family dwellings and multiple-family dwellings, except that holders of a non-residential license may collect home remodeling, construction and repair materials from single-family or multiple-family dwellings, provided said materials exceed two cubic yards in volume.  There shall be no more than seven (7) non-residential refuse collection licenses issued by the city in effect at any one time.
(1995-M-24: § 1; 1990-M-58: § 1; 1990-M-13: § 1)

5.32.015 – Recycling requirement for non-residential license holders

  1. All holders of a non-residential refuse license shall offer recycling services to customers within the city, which shall include at least two (2) materials.  At the time of applying for renewal of any such license, the application shall include two reports, one will detail the amount of refuse collected, while the second report details the types and quantities of recyclables collected during the period from April 1, of the prior year through March 31 of the year during which renewal is requested.
  2. The refuse collector shall indemnify and hold harmless the city of St. Charles, Illinois, its employees and agents from and against any and all claims and demands whatsoever, including costs, litigation expenses, counsel fees and liabilities incurred in connection therewith, arising out of injury to, or death whatsoever, or damage to property of any kind by whomsoever owned, caused in whole or in part by the acts or omissions of the refuse collector, or any other person directly or indirectly employed by them, while engaged in the performance of the work or any activity associated therewith or relative thereto.
(1993-M-12: § 1; 1991-M-17: § 1; 1991-M-12: § 1)

5.32.020 – License - Application - Issuance - Renewal

Application for such license shall be made to the City Clerk, prior to May 1st of a calendar year, and shall be referred by him to the Mayor and City Council.  A renewal license may be issued by the Mayor provided the licensee has duly completed the required application, given the information required and paid the appropriate fee.  In the event the same has not been completed on or before May 1 of the license year, the Mayor shall conduct a public hearing by the Mayor and City Council with a three-day written notice to the licensee, affording the licensee an opportunity to appear and defend such notice to begin the day following delivery by certified mail or by the city police department acting as agent for the Mayor and City Council.  No more than eight (8) refuse collectors' licenses shall be in force in the city at any one time.  Each collector must file with the City Clerk a list of its charges for commercial, business and industrial establishments on or before May 1 of each calendar year.

(1996-M-48: § 1; 1990-M-58: § 2; 1987-M-57: § 1; 1987-M-35: § 1; 1978-M-34: § 1 (part); 1977-M-17; 1977-M-7; 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.902)

5.32.030 – License - Fee

The annual fee for the residential refuse collector license shall be $500.00.  The annual fee for a non-residential license shall be $500.00.

(1990-M-13: § 1; 1979-M-44 : § 5(e); 1978-M-34: § 1 (part); 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.903)

5.32.040 – Vehicle requirements

Any vehicle used by such refuse collector in his business shall be watertight and equipped with airtight covers for such portions as are used for the transportation of garbage or similar refuse.  It is unlawful for any such vehicle to be driven over or through any street in the city during or on Sunday.

(1978-M-34: § 1 (part); 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.904)

5.32.050 – Disposal of refuse within city prohibited - Exception

It is unlawful for any refuse collector to dispose of or store any refuse in any place within the city limits or within one and one-half miles thereof, except with the permission of the mayor and city council.

(1978-M-34: 1 (part); 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.905)

5.32.055 – Unlawful removal of recyclable material

It shall be unlawful for any refuse collector, except as authorized by the city council, to remove any item of recyclable material including newspaper, aluminum or bimetal cans, glass bottles or plastic milk containers placed in or adjacent to city recycling containers.

(1989-M-27: § 2)

5.32.060 – Violation - Penalty

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than five hundred dollars for each offense and a separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.

(1978-M-34: § 1 (part); 1968-13: (part); Prior code: § 25.906)