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3.38 – Yard Waste User Fee

3.38.010 – User Fee

A user fee is hereby imposed upon single family residences or any building that contains six or fewer dwelling units, whether they be occupied or not, in the amount of $4.48 each month for FY 19/20 through FY 23/24.

(2019-M-13: § 1; 2018-M-19: § 1; 2016-M-12: § 1; 2014-M-13: § 1; 2012-M-7: § 1; 2011-M-17: § 1; 2010-M-34: § 1; 2003-M-58: § 1; 2002-M-21: § 1; 2001-M-28: § 1; 1999-M-2: § 1)

3.38.020 – Exemptions

Specifically exempted from the application of this ordinance are apartment buildings containing seven or more units and residential developments with privately maintained streets.  Further exemptions may be granted by the City Administrator or his designee should an aggrieved person file a written claim for exemption with the City Administrator’s Office.

(1999-M-2: § 2)

3.38.030 – Filing

The City Clerk is hereby directed to file a certified copy of this Ordinance on or before the 1st day of July, 1998.

3.38.040 – Effective Date

This Ordinance shall take effect on the first day of July 1998

3.38.045 – Disconnect Notice Fee

If it is determined that a notice of disconnection of service shall be issued to a customer due to utility charges being over 30 days past due, a payment being returned unpaid by a bank, a deposit not being paid by the due date, and/or a violation of the terms of this Code, an additional fee (a disconnect notice fee) will be charged.  This fee will escalate based on the number of disconnect notices previously issued to the customer in the last twelve months.  The disconnect notice fee schedule is $20.00 for the first notice, $35.00 for the second notice, and $50.00 for any subsequent notices.

(2011-M-48: § 1)

3.38.050 – Right of cut-off for nonpayment - Reconnection

  1. The City shall have the right of discontinue any utility service provided to the customer on due notice and to remove its property from the customer’s premises whenever monthly City bills, or a portion thereof, remain unpaid for 30 days after the due date specified, or in case the customer fails to comply with, or perform, any of the conditions or obligations of this chapter.
  2. A customer’s service so discontinued shall be connected after the customer has made settlement for City utility bills in arrears, plus any current amount outstanding at the City Clerk’s office, or has, to the City’s satisfaction, complied with or performed such other conditions or obligations which were in default, as the case may be.  A minimum fee shall be charged equal to two times one and one-half the midpoint of the wage rate for a meter technician at the time of reconnection.  In the event the City incurs expense for labor in excess of the average cost of reconnection, the City may charge that additional cost for disconnection and reconnection to the customer.
(2010-M-6: § 1)

3.38.060 – Definitions

  1. Utility Services – Electric, water, sewer, yard waste, and refuse services that are provided by the City or its designated provider.
(2010-M-11: § 1)