2.38 – Elections

2.38.010 – Generally

Elections for municipal offices shall be held as provided by statute, and at the time prescribed by statute.

(Prior code: § 10.705)

2.38.020 – Fee for election judges

The fee for election judges who are designated or appointed by the appropriate city official shall receive the fee of thirty-five dollars for his or her services as an election judge.

2.38.030 – Inauguration

Commencing with the election of April 7, 1981, the newly elected officers of the city which have been duly elected shall be inaugurated at the first regular or special meeting of the corporate authorities in the month of May following such election and following the proclamation of the results all pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/3.1-10-15.

(§ 8; 1981-M-9: § 1)