2.29 – St. Charles Cultural Commission

2.29.010 – Establishment

There is hereby established a St. Charles Cultural Commission comprising no more than nine members who shall be residents of the city.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.020 – Purpose

The St. Charles Cultural Commission will encourage, support and recommend organizations that will support and promote culture, history and the arts in St. Charles.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.030 – Members - Appointment

The members of such commission shall be appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council.  Vacancies shall be filled in like manner.  The commission shall select one of its members as chairman.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.040 – Members - Terms of office

Members of the commission shall serve for a term of three years with three members being appointed each year; provided, however, for the first nine members of the commission, three members shall serve one year from the date of appointment through April 30, 1997, three from date of appointment through April 30, 1998, and three from the date of appointment through April 30, 1999.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.050 – Members - Terms to begin and end

The terms of office of the members shall coincide with the fiscal year of the city being May 1 of one year through April 30 of the following year with the commencement of the first commission and terms of office being described in Section 2.29.040.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.060 – Duties

The St. Charles Cultural Commission shall:

  1. Examine all cultural activities within the city and make recommendations to the City Council as to which organizations and groups the city should contract with to provide services to the residents and visitors to the city.
  2. Examine, negotiate and recommend contracts for services with appropriate benchmarks and reports from the various groups and organizations it recommends.
  3. Make or cause to be made studies and surveys related to cultural activities.
  4. Recommend plans and methods for the provision of services to the community at large.
  5. Make recommendations of a budget for the provision of services.
(2012-M-46: § 7; 2002-M-22: § 1; 2001-M-5: § 1; 2000-M-9: § 1; 1998-M-29: § 1; 1997-M-28: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.070 – Annual Report

Each year the St. Charles Cultural Commission shall make a report to the Government Operations Committee of the City Council which shall include its recommendations relative to a budget, allocation of funds for services and recommended contracts relative to the fiscal year beginning May 1 of the year such report is given; and such report shall also include an analysis of the effectiveness of such services being provided including the number of participants and estimated numbers taking advantage of such services.

(2012-M-46: § 7; 2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.280 – Compensation and Conflicts of Interest

No commissioner shall receive compensation for serving as a commissioner.  No commissioner shall be interested, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase or sale of services, supplies or as an employee except to the extent permitted under the statutes of the State of Illinois.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.300 – Meetings

The Commission members shall set the time and place for the meetings of the Commission.

(2012-M-46: § 7; 2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.310 – Officer

The only officer shall be the Chairman, who shall be elected by the Commission members at their first meeting.  The Chairman shall remain the Chairman until the Commission elects a new Chairman.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)

2.29.320 – Voting/Quorum

Each Commission shall have one vote and all votes shall be decided by a majority of a quorum.  A quorum shall consist of five or more members.

(2001-M-5: § 1; 1995-M-50: § 1)