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2.27 – Senior Services Commission

2.27.010 – Establishment

There is hereby established a Senior Services Commission comprising no more than nine members who are residents of the City.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.020 – Purpose

The overall purpose of the Senior Services Commission shall be to explore methods and opportunities where people can meet the economic, social, and physical challenges of aging.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.030 – Members - Appointment

The mayor, with the approval of the city council, shall appoint six members from the at-large community and five members from residential facilities dedicated to serving seniors.  In addition, the mayor shall appoint a City Council member as an ex-official member of the commission.

(2000-M-105: § 1; 2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.040 – Members - Terms of office

Members shall be appointed to a term of three years with three members being appointed each year; provided, however, of the first nine members of the commission, three members shall serve one year from the date of appointment through April 2002, three from the date of appointment through April 30, 2003, and three from the date of appointment through April 30, 2004.  All future terms shall expire on the April 30 of the last year of their respective terms.  Members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until a successor is appointed, except in the case of a member removed for cause.  The Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council may fill vacancies in an unexpired term due to resignation.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.050 – Duties

The St. Charles community Senior Services Commission shall:

  1. Assist in coordinating and integrating governmental and private plans and services affecting the welfare of seniors in the City;
  2. Assist in coordinating and integrating plans and services for transportation, housing, social and physical challenges;
  3. Make or cause to be made studies and surveys related to senior needs;
  4. Request and obtain such cooperation, assistance and data from City departments and other public agencies as may be reasonably necessary to carry out its work;
  5. Recommend plans and methods for the improvements of opportunities for seniors;
  6. Create such subcommittees and advisory committees from outside of the membership of the commission to aid and assist in the work of the commission;
  7. Establish liaison with other groups interested in seniors in St. Charles and the surrounding area.
(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.060 – Compensation and confilicts of interest

No commissioner shall receive compensation for serving as a commissioner.  No commissioner shall be interested, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of sale of services, supplies or as an employee except to the extent permitted under the statutes of the State of Illinois.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.070 – Meetings

The Commission shall meet at least four times a year.  The Commission members shall set the time and place for the meetings.  Minutes shall be recorded for all meetings and filed with the City Clerk.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.080 – Officer

The only officer shall be the Chairman, who shall be elected by the Commission members at their first meeting.  The Chairman shall remain the Chairman until the Commission elects a new Chairman; provided, however, a Chairman cannot serve more than four consecutive years.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.090 – Voting/Quorum

Each Commission shall have one vote and all votes shall be decided by a majority of a quorum.  A quorum shall consist of five or more members.

(2000-M-81: § 1)

2.27.100 – Inactive status - Suspension of commission activities - Reactivation

That the St. Charles Senior Services Commission is hereby placed on inactive status and the activities of said Commission are suspended.

The Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council may reactivate the St. Charles Senior Services Commission at which time it shall resume the performance of its duties as set forth in Section 2.27.050.

(2007-M-100: § 1)