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2.26 – Youth Commission

2.26.010 – Composition

The St. Charles community Youth Commission, from and after May 1, 1967, shall consist of ten (10) members.

(2012-M-46: § 5; 1967-12: § 1; 1965-7: § 1)

2.26.020 – Purpose

The overall purpose of the Youth Commission shall be to encourage the continuing betterment of opportunities for the wholesome development of youth in the St. Charles community.

(2012-M-46: § 5; 1965-7: § 2)

2.26.030 – Members - Appointment

The ten (10) members of the Youth Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council commencing as of May 1, 1967.  No more than three (3) of the commission members can reside outside the city limits.  The chairman shall be elected by the commission from its own membership.  The commission shall also elect as many officers as it may choose.

(2012-M-46: § 5; 2004-M-16: § 1; 1967-12: § 3; 1965-7: § 3)

2.26.040 – Members - Terms of office

The terms of the members of the commission shall be for one year after the term of any present commissioners may have expired.

(1967-12: § 5; 1965-7: § 5)

2.26.050 – Members - Terms to begin when

Members shall be appointed to a term of two (2) years; the terms of the appointments shall coincide with the fiscal year of the City beginning on May 1st of each year.

(2012-M-46: § 5; 1965-7: § 6)

2.26.060 – Duties

The St. Charles community Youth Commission shall:

  1. Assist in coordinating and integrating governmental and private plans and services affecting the welfare of children and youth in the city;
  2. Assist in coordinating and integrating plans and services for protecting children from exposure to harmful influences and conditions conducive to delinquency in youth;
  3. Make or cause to be made studies and surveys related to youth behavior or in the interest of youth guidances;
  4. Request and obtain such cooperating, assistance and data from city departments and other public agencies as may be reasonably necessary to carry out its work;
  5. Recommend plans and methods for the improvements of opportunities for the wholesome development of youth in the community of St. Charles;
  6. Create such subcommittees or advisory committees from outside of the membership of the commission to aid and assist in the work of the commission;
  7. Establish liaison with schools, churches, and other groups interested in youth in St. Charles and the surrounding area.
(1965-7: § 7)

2.26.070 – Annual Report

On May 1st of each year, beginning on May 1, 1966, the Youth Commission shall cause to be prepared a report of its operations, studies, meetings, attendance of members during the preceding year, along with plans for future activities.

(1965-7: § 8)

2.26.080 – Secretarial help, supplies and initial fund

The city shall furnish to the commission such secretarial help and supplies which are necessary to the conduct of the business of the commission in addition to an initial fund of one thousand dollars.

(1965-7: § 9)

2.26.090 – Coordinating committee - Designated by mayor - Purpose

The mayor shall also designate a coordinating committee representing the city consisting of a representative of the police department, a representative of the city council, and the director of recreating and parks, and city attorney, such committee to meet with and coordinate the work of the Youth Commission with the city.

(1965-7: § 4)