2.25 – Housing Commission

2.25.010 – Establishment

There is hereby established a Housing Commission (“Commission”) comprising no more than nine (9) members who are residents of, own a property or business in, or work in the City of St. Charles (“City”), or who are representatives of the St. Charles Park District or Community Unit School District #303.

(2007-M-26: § 1; 2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.020 – Purposes

The purposes of the Commission shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Advise the City Council on matters related to affordable housing policy;
  2. Preserve and maintain the existing affordable housing stock;
  3. Increase the availability of affordable housing for all members of the community, and
  4. Promote public awareness of the need for affordable housing.
(2005-M-57: § 1; 2017-M-32: § 1)

2.25.030 – Members - Appointment

The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council shall appoint a City Council member and a Plan Commission member as ex-officio members of the Commission.  The Mayor shall appoint five (5) members from the at-large community, who are either residents of the City, own a property or business in the City, or work in the City.  In addition, the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall also appoint one member representing the St. Charles Park District and one member representing Community Unit School District #303.

(2007-M-26: § 2; 2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.040 – Members - Terms of office

Except for the members representing the St. Charles Park District and Community Unit School District #303, members shall be appointed to a term of three years.  Of the first seven members of the Commission, three members shall serve from their dates of appointment through April 30, 2007; the second two shall serve from their dates of appointment through April 30, 2008; and the third two shall serve from their dates of appointment through April 30, 2009.  The members representing the St. Charles Park District and Community Unit School District #303 shall be appointed to a term of one year.

All future terms shall expire on the April 30 of the last year of their respective terms.  Members whose terms have expired shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed, except in the case of a member removed for cause.  A member who no longer meets the requirements of membership shall no longer remain eligible to serve on the Commission, and said membership shall be considered vacant.  The Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council, may fill vacancies in an unexpired term.

(2007-M-26: § 3; 2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.050 – Powers and duties

The Commission may perform and exercise the following powers and duties:

  1. Provide advice to the City Council for increasing, retaining and rehabilitating affordable housing stock within the City of St. Charles by evaluating, setting priorities, and recommending affordable housing programs and policies, examples of which include Housing Trust Fund, Community Land Trust, Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, density bonus, fee-in-lieu of provision, etc.;
  2. Coordinate with other communities and governmental agencies in meeting the housing needs of low-income and moderate-income families in the a community;
  3. Establish liaisons with other groups interested in affordable housing in the City and the surrounding area;
  4. Work with builders and developers in implementing affordable housing programs;
  5. Work with builders, developers and community stakeholders to promote public awareness of the need for affordable housing;
  6. Develop programs that will assist in accessing new funding opportunities at the local, state and federal levels;
  7. Identify possible revenue streams to create and preserve homes that are priced to meet the need of low- to moderate-income families; and
  8. Create mechanisms for increasing public awareness and educating residents regarding the needs for affordable housing.

In pursuance of the foregoing duties, the Commission may perform the following:

  1. Request and obtain such cooperation, assistance and data from City departments and other public agencies as may be reasonably necessary to carry out its work; and
  2. With the approval of City Council, obtain consulting services as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Housing Commission.
(2005-M-57: § 1; 2017-M-32: § 2)

2.25.060 – Compensation and confilicts of interest

No Commission member shall receive compensation for serving on the Commission.  No Commission member shall be interested, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase or sale of services, supplies or as an employee except to the extent permitted under the statutes of the State of Illinois.

(2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.070 – Meetings

The Commission shall meet at least six times a year.  The Commission members shall set the time and place for the meetings.  Minutes shall be recorded for all meetings and filed with the City Clerk.

(2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.080 – Officers

The Commission shall elect a Chairman and such other Officers as it may determine, at the first regular meeting following May 1 of each year, except that initially the Chairman shall be elected by the Commission members at their first meeting.  The Chairman shall remain the Chairman until the Commission elects a new Chairman.  The Commission may also elect a Vice-Chairman to conduct the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence.

(2005-M-57: § 1)

2.25.090 – Voting/Quorum

Each Commission member, including ex-officio members, shall have one vote and all votes shall be decided by a majority of a quorum.  A quorum shall consist of five (5) or more members.

(2012-M-46: § 4; 2005-M-57: § 1)