2.08 – City Treasurer

2.08.010 – Election - Term of office

The city treasurer shall be elected and serve for a four-year term and until his successor is qualified, as is provided by statute.  The term of the city treasurer shall commence after the conclusion of old business, if any, at the first regular or special meeting of the corporate authorities in the month of May following the general election in which he is elected.

(1983-M-53: § 1(d); Prior code: § 5.001)

2.08.020 – Bond required

The city treasurer shall give bond in such sum as may be required by the city council, but the bond shall be an amount of money that is not less than three times the latest federal census population, or any subsequent census figure used for motor fuel tax purposes, with sureties to be approved by the council.  The bond shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance by the city treasurer of the duties of his office, and to indemnify the city for any loss due to any neglect of duty or wrongful act on the part of the city treasurer. 

(1978-M-24; Prior code: § 5.002)

2.08.030 – Duties generally

The city treasurer shall perform such duties as may be prescribed for him by statute or ordinance.  He shall receive all money paid into the city, either directly from the person paying it or from the hands of such other officer or employee as may receive it, and he shall pay out money only on vouchers or orders properly signed by the city clerk and the mayor.

(Prior code: § 5.003)

2.08.040 – Deposit of funds

The city treasurer shall deposit the city funds in such depositories as may be selected from time to time as is provided by statute, and he shall keep the city money separate and distinct from his own and shall not intermingle his own money with it or make private or personal use of city funds.

(Prior code: § 5.004)

2.08.050 – Recordkeeping

The city treasurer shall keep records showing all money received by him, the source from which it was received, and the purpose for which it was paid out; and he shall keep a record showing at all times the financial status of the city.

(Prior code: § 5.005)

2.08.060 – Account keeping

The city treasurer shall keep such books and accounts as may be required by the city council, and shall keep them in the manner required by the council.

(Prior code: § 5.006)

2.08.070 – Reports required

The city treasurer shall make monthly reports to the city council showing the state of the finances of the city, and the amounts received and spent during the month, which reports shall be filed; and he shall make an annual report at the close of the fiscal year with the total amount of all receipts and expenditures of the city and his transactions as treasurer during the preceding year.

(Prior code: § 5.007)

2.08.080 – Register of warrants

The city treasurer shall keep a register of all warrants, bonds or orders filed with him or paid by him, and all vouchers, as is required by statute.

(Prior code: § 5.008)

2.08.090 – City Treasurer - Salary

The city treasurer that is elected in the general municipal election on April 3, 2001, and takes office on or after May 6, 2001, shall be paid a salary of One Thousand Eight Hundred and no/100ths ($1,800.00) Dollars per year for attendance at City Council meetings and the performance of other duties prescribed by statute and ordinance.

(2016-M-1: § 3; 2000-M-89: § 1; 1999-M-92: § 1)