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2.06 – City Clerk

2.06.010 – Election - Term of office

The city clerk shall be elected as provided by statute, and shall serve until his successor is elected and qualified.  The term of the city clerk shall commence after the conclusion of old business, if any, at the first regular or special meeting of the corporate authorities in the month of May following the general election in which he is elected.

(1983-M-53: § 1(c); Prior code: § 4.001)

2.06.020 – Vacancy filling

In case the office of city clerk becomes vacant for any reason, the mayor and city council shall appoint a successor as provided by statute.

(Prior code: § 4.011)

2.06.030 – Bond required

Before entering upon the duties of his office, the city clerk shall execute a bond in such amount and with such sureties as may be required by the council, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties.

(Prior code: § 4.002)

2.06.040 – Signature required on city documents

The city clerk shall seal and attest all contracts of the city, and all licenses, permits and other documents which require this formality.

(Prior code: § 4.003)

2.06.050 – Money collected - Transfer to city treasurer

The city clerk shall turn over all money received by him, on behalf of the city, to the finance department, promptly on receipt of the same; and with such money he shall give a statement as to the source of it.

(Prior code: § 4.004; 2016-M-1: § 2)

2.06.060 – Account keeping

The city clerk shall keep accounts showing all money received by him and the source and disposition of same; and such other accounts as may be required by statute or ordinances.

(Prior code: § 4.005)

2.06.070 – Recordkeeping

In addition to the record of ordinances and other records which the clerk or delegate is required by statute to keep, they shall keep a register of all licenses and permits issued, and a record of the payment thereon;  they shall keep a record showing all of the officers and regular employees of the city, and such other records as may be required by the council.  The format of these records is to be determined by the clerk or their delegate.

(2016-M-1: § 2; Prior code: § 4.006)

2.06.080 – Custodian of city seal

The clerk shall be the custodian of the city seal and shall affix its impression on documents whenever this is required.

(Prior code: § 4.007)

2.06.090 – Custodian of city documents

The clerk shall be the custodian of all documents belonging to the city which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer.

(Prior code: § 4.008)

2.06.100 – Maintenance of index to documents and records

The clerk shall keep and maintain a proper index to all documents and records kept by him, so that ready access thereto and use thereof may be had.

(Prior code: § 4.009)

2.06.110 – Election duties

The city clerk shall conduct all elections held by the city and perform all such duties in connection therewith as prescribed by the statutes of the state and the city ordinances.

(Prior code: § 4.014)

2.06.120 – Issuance of commissions

Deleted in its entirety.

(2016-M-1: § 2; Prior code: § 4.013)

2.06.130 – Additional duties

In addition to the duties provided in this chapter, the clerk shall perform such other duties and functions as may be required by statute or ordinance.

(Prior code: § 4.010)

2.06.140 – Deputy clerk - Appointment - Powers and duties

  1. There is created the office of deputy clerk.  The city clerk is authorized to appoint a deputy clerk, by and with the advice and consent of the city council, who shall have the power and duty to execute all documents required by any law or ordinance to be executed by the clerk, and affix the seal of the city thereto whenever required.
  2. When signing any document, the deputy clerk shall sign the name of the city clerk followed by the word "by" and the deputy clerk's own name and the word "Deputy Clerk."
  3. The powers and duties described in this section shall be exercised by such deputy clerk only in the absence of the city clerk from his office in the city hall, and only when either written consent has been given by the city clerk to exercise such power, or the city council has determined by resolution that the city clerk is temporarily or permanently incapacitated to perform such function.
  4. Such deputy clerk shall have the authority and power described in this section, and such further power and authority as may be provided by statute.
  5. In the event of the temporary or permanent incapacity of both the City Clerk and Deputy Clerk, the staff officer designated as acting City Administrator shall have that authority and power described in this section and such further power and authority as may be provided by statute.
(2004-M-70: § 1; Prior code: § 4.012)

2.06.145 – City Clerk - Salary

The city clerk that is elected in the general municipal election on April 3, 2001, after taking office on May 6, 2001, shall be paid a salary of Four Thousand Five Hundred and no/100ths ($4,500.00) Dollars per year for attendance at City Council meetings and the performance of other duties prescribed by statute and ordinance.

(2000-M-90: § 1; 1996-M-68: § 3; 1989-M-8: § 1; 1987-M-27: § 1; 2016-M-1: § 2)