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16.02 – General Provisions

16.02.010 – Purpose

The purpose of this Title and subsequent regulation is as follows:

A.     To provide one of several means for carrying out the intent of the Comprehensive Plan,

         thus helping to insure sound, harmonious subdivision development and community

         growth, and to safeguard the interest of the homeowner, the Subdivider, the investor, and

         the City.

B.      To provide permanent assets to the City.

C.      To prevent scattered development beyond existing public utilities and prevent excessive

         development costs.

D.     To assure the development of land for optimum use with the highest possible standards of

         design and necessary protection against deterioration and obsolescence.

E.      To assure the orderly development of all land within the City.

F.      To limit and control the pollution of the environment that can be caused by inadequate or

         incomplete urban development.

G.     To provide common grounds of understanding and a sound working relationship between

         the City and the Subdivider.

H.     To lessen congestion of streets and highways.

I.       To provide for adequate light and air.

J.       To facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, storm water management,

         sewerage, schools, and other public necessities.

K.     To ensure proper legal description and proper monumenting of subdivided land.

L.      To coordinate new subdivision design within the design of the City as a whole.

(2018-M-29: § 1)

16.02.020 – Validity & Applicability

A.        No plat of any subdivision shall be entitled to record in the recorder's office, or have any

validity, until it has been approved in the manner prescribed in this Title.


B.        No parcel of land may be conveyed for the purpose of creating a new residential dwelling

lot without said parcel begin established as a lot pursuant to approval of a plat of

subdivision in the manner prescribed in this Title, unless said parcel was previously

subdivided, pursuant to a Subdivision Plat approved by the City of St. Charles and

recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds.


C.       Lots of Record that were lawfully conveyed prior to September 17, 2012 that meet the

minimum lot width and area requirements of the applicable zoning district in which it is

located shall be considered valid lots for purposes of this title...


D.        Parcels of land may be conveyed for the purpose of modifying lot size or configuration,

provided the conveyance does not create a greater number of buildable residential lots,

based on the applicable zoning district in which it is located, than currently exist within

the boundary of the subdivision (either as existing subdivided lots or valid Lots of Record

under Item C. above.)

(2018-M-29: § 1)

16.02.030 – Comprehensive Plan

A.         Adopted.
            An official Comprehensive Plan, containing an official map, dated September 3, 2013 has
            been adopted by the City, pursuant to the powers granted by the Illinois Municipal Code,
            and shall be known as "the Comprehensive Plan of the City of St. Charles, Illinois.” The
            comprehensive plan may be amended from time to time, pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/11-12-7.B.           
B.         Copies Available Upon Payment of Fee.
            Said official Comprehensive Plan shall be made available to all interested parties on the
            City website. A printed copy may be purchased for the cost of printing the document.
(2018-M-29: § 1; 2012-M-45: § 2)

16.02.040 – Applicability

The provisions hereof shall be applicable to all subdivisions in the City of St. Charles and within all unincorporated areas lying within one and one-half miles of the corporate limits of the City of St. Charles, to the extent permitted by law. Subdivisions located within the future planning area jurisdiction of another municipality, pursuant to a Boundary Line Agreement with the City of St. Charles, shall not be subject to the provisions hereof.

(2018-M-29: § 1)