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15.36 – Swimming Pools

15.36.010 – Short title

The ordinance codified in this chapter shall be known as the "swimming pool ordinance," may be so cited, and will be referred to as this ordinance.

(1973-M-4: § I; Prior code: Ch. 13 Art. VI (part))

15.36.020 – Scope and purpose

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all public, semipublic and private residential swimming pools as defined in Section 15.36.030.  The purpose of this chapter shall be to provide a guide for the design and construction of such swimming pools so that health and safety hazards will be minimized and satisfactory operation can be achieved.

(1973-M-4: § II (Part); Prior code: § 13.601)

15.36.030 – Definitions

The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter.  The word "shall" as used herein indicates a mandatory requirement.

  1. "Building department" means that department assigned jurisdiction over swimming pool construction.
  2. "Person" means any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation company, governmental agency, club or organization of any kind.
  3. "Public pool" shall be defined as any pool, other than a residential pool, which is intended to be used collectively by numbers of persons for swimming or bathing and is operated by any person, whether he is owner, lessee, operator, licensee, or concessionaire, regardless of whether a fee is charged for such use.  So that we may refer within the standard to various types of public pools they are listed in the following categories:
    1. Any municipal, community, public school, athletic club or swimming club pool or pool for other similar usage and type.  Also, pools for motels and apartments, multiple housing units, and hotels, not open to the general public.
    2. Country club and institutional pools, such as for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, Campfire Girls, boys camps, girls camps, and for other similar type usage.
  4. "Public swimming pool" means any swimming pool, other than a residential pool intended to be used collectively by numbers of persons for swimming or bathing and operated by any person as defined in this section, whether he is owner, lessee, operator, licensee, or concessionaire, regardless of whether a fee is charged for such use, is subject to this chapter, all applicable codes and state laws.
  5. "Residential swimming pool" means any constructed pool, permanent or portable, which is intended for noncommercial use as a swimming pool by the owner family(ies) and its (their) guests, and which is over twenty-four inches in depth and:
    1. Has a surface area exceeding two hundred fifty square feet; or
    2. Has a volume over three thousand two hundred fifty gallons.
(1978-M-4: § II (Part); Prior code: §§ 13.602. 13.603, 13.604, 13.605, 13.606)

15.36.040 – Construction of residential pool - Submittal of plans and specifications - Permit issuance upon approval of plans

No person shall begin construction of a private residential swimming pool or shall substantially alter or reconstruct any such pool without first having submitted plans and specifications to the building department for review and approval and without having received a permit from the building department for construction.  The plans shall be prepared by a registered architect or professional engineer.*  All plans and specifications shall be submitted in duplicate (or additional copies as specified) and the building department shall arrange for review and approval of the plans and specifications by other appropriate departments concerned with such matters as zoning, electrical, structural, and plumbing requirements.  A permit to construct, alter, or renovate shall be issued by the building department following approval of the plans including such approvals as may be required by other departments.

    *The determination as to qualifications shall be based on state laws or regulations.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.607)

15.36.050 – Construction or remodeling of residential or public pool - Application for permit

The application for permit to construct or remodel a residential or public swimming pool shall be on such forms as may be prescribed, together with any supporting data as may be required for the proper review of the plans by the building department.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.608)

15.36.060 – Construction or alteration of private pool - Permit fee

The fee for a permit to construct or alter a private swimming pool shall be:

  1. For the first four thousand dollars of estimated cost, thirty dollars;
  2. From four thousand one dollars to twenty-nine thousand dollars per one thousand dollars of estimated cost, four dollars;
  3. For each additional one thousand dollars or part thereof of estimated cost, one dollar and fifty cents.
(1978-M-21: § 2; 1973-M-4: § VII; Prior code: § 13.617)

15.36.070 – Construction to be in accordance with approval plans

The swimming pool and facilities shall be built in accordance with the plans as approved unless approval of changes has been given in writing by the building department.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.609)

15.36.080 – Inspection of construction and equipment required

The owner or his agent shall notify the building and health departments at specific predetermined states of construction and at the time of completion of the swimming pool to permit adequate inspection of the swimming pool and related equipment during and after construction.  Such inspection shall be performed on notification and at reasonable hours.  The swimming pool shall not be placed in operation until such inspections show compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.610)

15.36.090 – Criteria for review and approval of plans

The criteria to be followed by the building department in the review and approval of plans shall be promulgated as rules and regulations as authorized by this chapter.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part_; Prior code: § 13.611)

15.36.100 – Plans and specifications - Contents - Waiver of requirement

  1. The plans shall be drawn to scale and accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review of the plans including the piping and hydraulic details and shall include:
    1. Plan and sectional view with all necessary dimensions of the pool;
    2. A piping diagram showing all appurtenances in sufficient detail as well as pertinent elevation data to permit a hydraulic analysis of the system, including details of water supply systems and drainage and wastewater disposal systems;
    3. The specifications shall contain details and catalog identification on all treatment equipment used.
  2. Where the permit sought is for the construction, erection, or assembly of a swimming pool in the form of a complete kit or package sold as a unit, whether above, on, or below ground, the above set-forth requirements as to the submission of plans and specifications shall be waived if there is on file with the building department the plans, specifications, adequate supporting data and the like as may be supplied by the manufacturer or vendor of the kit or package.
(1989-M-76: § 1; 1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.612)

15.36.110 – Residential pool - Design, construction and material standards

Design, construction, equipment and material standards for residential swimming pools as promulgated by the State Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health, and appropriate provisions of this Title 15, "Buildings and Construction" of the St. Charles Municipal Code shall govern the design, construction and operation of swimming pools.  No permit to construct, alter, or remodel shall be granted unless the pool conforms with these standards.  The standards shall cover but not be limited to the following items:

  1. Structural design;
  2. Dimensional design;
  3. Materials of construction;
  4. Deck equipment (steps, ladders, stairs, diving boards and platforms);
  5. Fences, enclosures and safety equipment;
  6. Electrical requirements;
  7. Water supply;
  8. Inlets and outs with the following specific requirements:
    1. Inlets.  Pools shall be equipped with suitable facilities for adding make-up water as needed.  There shall be no cross connection between the water supply line and the pool system.  If a hose connection from a sillcock or other plumbing fixture is to be used for supplying make-up water of for filling purposes, then an approved cross connection control device shall be installed between the sillcock or control valve at the fixture on the hose connection.
    2. Outlets.  Pools shall be equipped with facilities for completely emptying the pool and the discharge of the pool water to the storm sewer.  No direct connection shall be made to the sanitary sewer.  Backwash water is to be discharged indirectly to the sanitary sewer.  Drainage of any pool shall be carefully controlled and provided for so that such drainage shall not cause flooding or damage to adjacent property.
  9. Recirculation system (piping, fittings, filter, skimmers);
  10. Skimmers;
  11. Filters;
  12. Pumps and strainers;
  13. Valves;
  14. Chemical treatment and disinfection;
  15. Chemical feeding equipment;
  16. Testing equipment;
  17. Wastewater disposal;
  18. Lifesaving and emergency equipment;
  19. Accessibility to telephone;
    1. Posted emergency
    2. Service telephone numbers,
    3. Fire,
    4. Police,
    5. Ambulance,
    6. Hospital.
(1989-M-76: § 1; 1973-M-4: § IV; Prior code: § 13.613)

15.36.120 – Permit - Revocation

The building department may revoke any permit for failure to comply with the duly promulgated regulations referred to in this chapter or in cases where the permit has been obtained through nondisclosure, misrepresentation, or misstatements of material facts.

(1973-M-4: § V (Part); Prior code: § 13.614)

15.36.130 – Permit - Reissuance

The permit shall be reissued upon proper application and upon presentation of evidence that the deficiencies causing revocations have been corrected.

(1973-M-4: § V (Part); Prior code: § 13.615)

15.36.140 – Inspections authorization

The building department is authorized to conduct such inspections as it deems necessary to insure compliance with all provisions of this chapter and shall have right of entry at any reasonable hour to the swimming pool for this purpose.  Health department inspections will be made when necessary.

(1973-M-4: § VI (Part); Prior code: § 13.616A)

15.36.150 – Operations reports

  1. The swimming pool manager or operator of a public pool shall record swimming pool operational data daily on a report form furnished by the city board of health.
  2. A separate report form shall be completed for each pool in a multiple pool complex.  The pool manager or operator shall submit the complete operational report to the city board of health on the first and sixteenth of each month.  The manager or operator shall keep one copy for his records.  Such records shall be open to inspection by the board of health, city sanitarian or authorized agent of the city sanitarian at all times.

15.36.160 – Violation - Penalty

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than five hundred dollars for each offense, and a separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.

(1973-M-4: § VIII; Prior code: § 13.618)