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1.16 – City Datum

1.16.010 – Datum plane and bench marks established

  1. There is fixed and established a base or datum plane in and for the city for determining, measuring and fixing elevations and grades in the city which base or datum plane shall be known under the name and title of "Saint Charles city datum."  The St. Charles city datum shall and does coincide with the base or datum plane lying and being seven hundred thirty-three and two-tenths feet below St. Charles bench mark number 1, described in subdivision 1 of subsection B of this section.
  2. For the purpose of facilitating grade and elevation measurements in the city and for the purpose of determining the location of the St. Charles city datum, bench marks are established, fixed and located in the city.  Each bench mark is the top of a copper rod leaded vertically within and near the top of a hollow cast iron pipe six inches in internal diameter and five feet in length.  The cast iron pipe is imbedded vertically in the ground at the places mentioned in subdivisions 1 and 2 of this subsection and is set in and filled below the leading with cement concrete.  The top of each cast iron pipe is closed by a cast iron cap and screw plug, upon the removal of which access is afforded to said bench marks, being the top of the copper rod therein; the bench marks established in the city shall be known and located as follows:
    1. St. Charles bench mark number 1 is located on the east side of Fox River in the city, one foot north of the north line of East Main Street and one hundred feet east of the east line of Fourth Avenue.
    2. St. Charles bench mark number 2 is located on the west side of Fox River in the city, one foot north of the north line of West Main Street and one hundred feet west of the west line of Fourth Street.
(Prior code: § 10.703)