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9.65.010 – Administrative adjudication of municipal code violations

  1. The City of St. Charles hereby provides for a system of administrative adjudication of municipal code violations to the extent permitted by the Illinois Constitution and as expressly authorized by the Illinois Municipal Code, 65 ILCS 5/1-2.1-1 et seq., as amended. As used in this ordinance, a “system of administrative adjudication” shall include the adjudication of any violation of the City of St. Charles municipal ordinances, except for:
    1. proceedings not within the statutory or the home rule authority of municipalities; and
    2. any offense under the Illinois Vehicle Code or a similar offense that is a traffic regulation governing the movement of vehicles; and
    3. any reportable offense under Section 6-204 of the Illinois Vehicle Code; and
    4. proceedings governed by Chapter 2.19 and Title 17 of the St. Charles Municipal Code.
      (Ord. 2013-M-67 § 1.)
  2. The “system of administrative adjudication” shall also include offenses under the Criminal Code which may, at the discretion of the Chief of Police or his sworn officers, be filed as a Municipal Code violation, with the following exceptions:
    1. Any felony or crime of moral turpitude.
(2015-M-18: § 1)