8.30.080 – Practices during construction

  1. All Tree Preservation Zones shall be maintained free of all construction activity, construction equipment, material or spoils storage, compaction, fill, and debris.
  2. Crushed limestone, hydrocarbons, or other materials detrimental to trees shall not be dumped within the root zone of any tree to be preserved nor at any higher elevation where drainage toward the tree could affect its health.
  3. No attachments, signs, fences, or wires, other than those approved for bracing, guying or wrapping trees, shall be attached to trees during the construction period.
  4. Unless otherwise authorized by an approved Tree Preservation Plan, no soil shall be removed or added within the root zone of any tree to be preserved.
  5. The boundary between the Construction Zone and the Tree Preservation Zone shall be fenced during the course of construction in a manner that clearly identifies where construction activity is prohibited.  The City shall have the authority to issue a stop work order until adequate fencing is provided or repaired.
(2014-M-27: § 1; 2001-M-73: § 1)