8.30.040 – Tree preservation requirements for building lots

  1. No live tree(s) of six inches (6”) or more DBH shall be removed from any Building Lot except as permitted by an approved Tree Preservation Plan.
  2. A proposed Tree Preservation Plan shall be submitted with the application for a building permit where trees six inches (6”) or more DBH exist on the Building Lot if (a) no Tree Preservation Plan has been approved for the property or (b) the applicant proposes to alter the approved Tree Preservation Plan.
  3. Where a Site Development Permit is required (refer to Section 18.36.040 of this Code), a Tree Preservation Plan for a Building Lot shall be approved only if a Site Development Permit has been issued and remains valid.
  4. The City Administrator or his designee shall approve a Tree Preservation Plan (or amendment thereto) for a Building Lot if the application complies with the provisions of this Chapter and in particular the standards of Section 8.30.070 § 1.
  5. Appeals:  A property owner may appeal the denial of a Tree Preservation Plan to the City Council by submitting a written request.  If the City Council finds that the standards of Section 8.30.070 § 2 have been met, it may approve the Tree Preservation Plan and may include conditions it deems necessary to ensure compliance with this Chapter.
(2014-M-27: § 1; 2001-M-73: § 1)