8.30.030 – Tree preservation requirements for land development

  1. No live tree(s) with a trunk size of six inches (6”) or more DBH shall be removed from any parcel undergoing Land Development except as permitted by an approved Tree Preservation Plan.
  2. In addition to the other requirements of this Chapter, where a Site Development Permit is required by Title 18 of the St. Charles Municipal Code no trees shall be removed from a site undergoing Land Development unless a Site Development Permit has been issued and remains valid.
  3. Where trees six inches (6”) or more DBH exist on the property to be developed or redeveloped, a Tree Preservation Plan shall be submitted with the preliminary plan of subdivision or planned unit development. If the preliminary plan stage is omitted or is combined with final engineering plans, the Tree Preservation Plan shall be submitted with the final engineering plans.  The requirement to provide a Tree Preservation Plan as a part of an initial preliminary plan submittal may be waived by the City Administrator or their designee where 1) existing vegetation on the parcel is comprised primarily of undesirable species and/or low quality specimens that do not warrant preservation, or 2) the area of the parcel identified for land development will be substantially modified such that any existing vegetation is unlikely to be successfully preserved. The City Administrator or their designee may require information demonstrating that a parcel meets the criteria prior to waiving the requirement. Notwithstanding the waiver of the requirement, the Plan Commission or City Council may require a Tree Preservation Plan prior to approval of a preliminary plan.

  4. The removal of trees six inches (6”) or more DBH proposed as part of a Tree Preservation Plan shall be permitted only to the extent necessary to accommodate the construction of public and private site improvements, buildings and structures in conformance with the standards of 8.30.070 § 2 hereof.  Submittal of a separate Tree Preservation Plan for each Building Lot shall not be required for Building Lots within a subdivision or Planned Unit Development if all areas where trees are to be removed are identified in the approved Tree Preservation Plan.

  5. Where an easement for tree and/or natural area preservation has been established in a subdivision or Planned Unit Development approved prior to November 19, 2001, including but not limited to the Tree Conservation Areas listed in Section 8.30.050 § 1 hereof, no additional Tree Preservation Plan approval shall be required to remove existing trees located outside of the established easement areas.
(2014-M-27: § 1; 2014-M-17: § 1; 2001-M-73: § 1)