8.30.020 – Definitions

Approved Trees:  Approved trees are those species described in Chapter 12.20 of this Code as being suitable street trees in the City of St. Charles, and shall not include restricted species listed in Chapter 12.20.

Building Lot:  A lot for which application has been made for a building permit to construct a new building or structure, or to demolish or move an existing building or structure.

Construction Zone:  The area of a site where construction of buildings and other site improvements may occur.

DBH (diameter at breast height):  The diameter of a tree measured at a height of four and a half feet above the ground.

Land Development:  The process of developing a parcel of land, starting with the submittal of a preliminary plan of subdivision or Planned Unit Development and concluding with the completion and acceptance of site improvements.  Land development may involve unimproved vacant land, or land improved with buildings and/or site improvements that is proposed to be redeveloped, but does not include review and issuance of a building permit.

Lot:  A parcel of land which is designated by its owner at the time of application for a building permit as a tract all of which is to be developed and used as one parcel under single ownership.  A lot may consist of (a) a single lot of record or (b) a combination of contiguous lots of record.

Remove or removal:  The actual physical removal of a tree, or the effective removal through damaging, cutting, poisoning, or other direct or indirect action resulting in, or likely to result in, the death of a tree.

Tree Preservation Plan:  A plan identifying existing trees, designating areas where trees will be preserved and removed, and detailing the location and type of tree protection measures to be undertaken during and/or after construction.  An easement for tree and/or natural area preservation established in a subdivision or Planned Unit Development approved prior to November 19, 2001, including but not limited to the Tree Conservation Areas listed in Section 8.30.050 § 1 hereof, shall constitute an approved Tree Preservation Plan where the Tree Preservation Zone is the area within the easement, and the Construction Zone is all areas outside the easement.

Tree Preservation Zone:  The area of a site that is not necessary for construction of buildings and other site improvements and within which trees shall be preserved.

(2001-M-73: § 1; 2014-M-27: § 1)