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8.24.120 – Right of cut-off for nonpayment – Reconnection

  1. The City shall have the right to discontinue any utility service provided to the customer on due notice and to remove its property from the customer’s premises whenever monthly City bills, or a portion thereof, remain unpaid for 30 days after the due date specified, or in case the customer fails to comply with, or perform, any of the conditions or obligations of this chapter.
  2. A customer’s service so discontinued shall be connected after the customer has made settlement for City utility bills in arrears, plus any current amount outstanding at the City Clerk’s office, or has, to the City’s satisfaction, complied with or performed such other conditions or obligations which were in default, as the case may be.  A minimum fee shall be charged equal to two times one and one-half the midpoint of the wage rate for a meter technician at the time of reconnection.  In the event the City incurs expense for labor in excess of the average cost of reconnection, the City may charge that additional cost for disconnection and reconnection to the customer.
(2010-M-3: § 1)