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8.24.030 – Collection services

  1. Location for pickup
    1. Dwellings of 6 or less units:
      1. All single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings comprised of six (6) or less units (not in a complex of more than six units) shall be picked up at the curbside, unless otherwise requested by building owner and authorized by the Director of Public Works or designee.  If available, Yard Waste shall be placed on the parkway, adjacent to and on the address side of the property from where the yard waste is gathered.  If a parkway is not available adjacent to a property or on the address side of a property, the Director of Public Works or designee shall identify an area for collection.
        (Ord. 2014-M-15 § 1; Ord. 2009-M-44 § 1.)
      2. Garbage And Refuse Containers: All garbage and refuse to be collected shall be placed, by each owner or tenant of a household, in a covered container immediately behind the curb ( i.e., on the parkway) at the street or at the alley lot line, as the requirement may be, no earlier than the day preceding the day on which collection is scheduled and no later than six thirty (6: 30) A.M. on the day of collection. The containers shall be so placed in a manner that is readily accessible for the collection on the day or days which are scheduled for the area in which said dwelling or household is located. Empty containers shall be removed as soon as possible, but in no event later than eight o' clock (8: 00) P.M. on the day of collection.
    2. Dwellings of more than six (6) units:
      All multi-family dwellings comprised of more than six (6) units shall be provided a common garbage refuse container, and a recyclable materials container (dumpster, toter or recycling bin as designated by the Director of Public Works or his designee).
      (Ord. 2009-M-44 § 2.)
  2. Routes and schedules
    The routes and schedules for collection of refuse and recyclable materials shall be depicted in Exhibit B, dated July 1, 2013.
(2019-M-6: § 1; 2018-M-26: § 3; 2013-M-42: § 1; 2003-M-36: § 1; 1999-M-44: § 1; 1994-M-34: § 3; 1993-M-26: § 1; 1993-M-13: § 3)