8.04.150 – Notification of treatment of certain injuries

  1. It shall be the duty of any person, firm or corporation conducting or operating a medical facility or any physician, nurse or employee thereof, as soon as time permits giving due consideration to the treatment for any injury hereinafter specified, to notify the city police department when any person seeking treatment from injuries specified in this section who is not accompanied by a city police officer or an officer from another police agency, when it reasonably appears the person requesting treatment has received:
    1. An injury resulting from the discharge of a firearm;
    2. Any injury or wound apparently inflicted by any object used as a weapon;
    3. An injury sustained in the commission of or as a victim of a criminal offense;
    4. Any animal or human bite;
    5. Any poisoning;
    6. Any injury sustained on public property;
    7. Any injury in which a moving motor vehicle was involved.
    8. Any injury of any cause where it is evident that death will probably ensue as a direct result thereof, or when death has resulted;
    9. Any child that has suffered injury or disability from physical abuse, or neglect inflicted upon him or her or shows evidence of malnutrition, other than by accidental means.
  2. Any hospital, physician, nurse, or employee thereof, shall be held harmless for their reasonable compliance with this section, and shall not be held responsible for inaccurate information being given by the patient or those accompanying the patient.
(Prior code: § 19.517 (part).; 1976-M-8: (part))