6.20.020 – Classes Designated

For purpose of application of this title, cats which are:  (A) kept within or on the property or other premises of their owners; (B) maintained by being provided with food or by being given other privileged use of privately owned property; (C) brought into the city; or (D) otherwise present within the city; shall be divided into the following two classes:

  1. Cats whose ownership is established by a readable and current license tag as elsewhere provided for herein, or whose ownership is promptly traceable by means of any other readable identification affixed to a collar or harness, or whose ownership is certified to by a reliable witness and immediately verifiable by the animal control officer or his representative, all such cats hereinafter to be classed as "non-feral and protected," and
  2. Cats whose ownership, if any, cannot readily be established by any of the means stated in subdivision A of this section, all such animals hereinafter to be classed as "feral and unprotected."
(1977-M-11: (part); Prior code: § 20.48)