6.12.095 – Residential chickens

  1. Up to six (6) domestic chickens may be kept on properties zoned and occupied for single-family residential use only.
  2. Roosters are prohibited within the corporate boundaries of the City of St. Charles.
  3. Chickens shall be in an enclosure and/or fenced area at all times.
  4. All chickens and enclosures shall be kept in the rear yard.
  5. All areas where hens are kept shall be maintained in a neat and clean manner, free of undue accumulation of waste, such as to cause odors that are detectable on adjacent properties.
  6. No person and/or property owner shall be allowed to violate Section 6.12.060 "Nuisance" of the St. Charles Municipal Code.
  7. The enclosure and adjacent fenced area shall be set back:
    1. No closer than five (5) feet to any property line; and
    2. Screened with year round landscaping, walls and/or fencing so as not to be visible from any public street or adjoining lot when viewed from an observation height of five (5) feet above grade.
(2014-M-19: § 1)