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5.52.010 – Definitions

For the purpose of this chapter:

  1. “Carriage” means any device in, upon or by which any person is or may be transported or drawn upon a public way, designed to be or capable of being driven by a horse and carrying no more than six (6) passengers.

  2. “Carriage stand” means that portion of a curb lane designated by the City for loading and unloading of passengers for horse-drawn vehicles.

  3. “City” means the City of St. Charles, Illinois.

  4. “Horse” means an animal of the genus equus and shall be a draft or draft-cross horse.  More than fifty percent (50%) of the horse’s blood line must be from a draft horse breed.

  5. “Person” means a natural person, partnership, firm, corporation or other legal entity.

  6. “Administrator” means City Administrator or his/her designee for the City.