5.48.110 – License fees

  1. The following fees shall be paid prior to issuance of a license hereunder:

    1. $30.00 per amusement ride or amusement attraction, as defined in the Illinois Carnival and Amusement Rides Safety Act,
    2. $20.00 per amusement stand,
    3. $20.00 per concession,
    4. $20.00 per entertainment show, inside or outside,
    5. $20.00 per foot stand,
    6. $20.00 for any other attractions not necessarily falling within the above listed.
  2. The following organizations are exempt from fees under this chapter:
    1. Grammar, junior high and high schools located within the city.
    2. Governmental units, boards, commissions, and bodies duly organized under the laws of the city, state of Illinois and/or United States of America.
(1998-M-42: § 1; 1997-M-73: § 1)