5.48.030 – License required

  1. A license to give, conduct, produce, operate, or present a carnival as herein defined shall be applied for by the owner.  Application for said license shall be in writing on a form provided by the city which shall include the following information.

    1. Applicant's name, address, and telephone number.
    2. Type of ownership.
    3. Name of business, address and telephone number if other than applicant's name.
    4. If business is conducted by a manager or agent, name, address, and telephone number of such manager or agent.
    5. Location of where carnival will be operated.
    6. Starting and closing dates of carnival operation.
    7. List of rides, amusement stands, food stands, entertainment shows inside or outside and any other attractions not necessarily falling within   the above list.
    8. Written proof of compliance with the State of Illinois Carnival Amusement Rides Safety Act.
    9. Amount of insurance, type, expiration date, and name of insurance carrier.
    10. Other information as may be deemed necessary by the Mayor.
(1985-M-34: § 1)