5.48.010 – Definitions

  1. "Carnival" means and includes an aggregation of attractions, whether shows, acts, games, vending devices or amusement devices, whether conducted under one or more managements or independently, which are temporarily set up or conducted in a public place or upon any private premises accessible to the public, with or without admission fee and which, from the nature of the aggregation attracts attendance and causes promiscuous  intermingling of persons in the spirit of merry making and revelry.  The term "carnival" is intended to include the term "circus" within its definition.
  2. "Game of skill" means and includes a game in which the average person with a reasonable amount of practice can be expected to improve his/her performance and be able to complete the required task at least once out of fifty (50) attempts.  The fact that a select few by virtue of long practice and experience can win at a game is not sufficient to designate the game as one of skill.
  3. "Razzle-Dazzle" means and includes a series of games of skill or change in which the player pays money or other valuable consideration in return for each opportunity to make successive attempts to obtain points by use of dice, darts, marbles or other implements and where such points are accumulated in successive games by the player toward a total number of points, where the total number of points are required for the player to win a prize or valuable consideration, and where the operator determines the total number of points needed.
  4. "Concession" means and includes any game, vending device, or amusement device open to the public and operated for profit in which the patron pays a fee for participating and may receive a prize upon a later happening.
(1985-M-34: § 1)