5.45.090 – License - Suspension - Revocation

Nothing in the provisions of this chapter shall preclude the right of the Mayor to suspend or revoke the license of the licensee, as follows:

  1. The Mayor may temporarily suspend any license issued under the terms of this chapter when he has reason to believe that the continued operation of a particular licensed premises will immediately threaten the welfare of the community or create an imminent danger of violation of applicable law.  In such case, he may, upon the issuance of a written order stating the reason for such determination, and without notice or hearing, order the licensed premises closed for not more than seven days; provided, that the licensee shall be given an opportunity to be heard in a public hearing during the seven-day period; and further provided, that if such licensee is also engaged in the conduct of other businesses on the licensed premises, such order shall not be applicable to such other businesses.
  2. The Mayor may suspend or revoke any license issued under the terms of this chapter upon due notice to the licensee of the time and place of a public hearing, and if the Mayor determines upon hearing that the licensee has failed or refused to comply with the terms of this chapter, has failed or refused to comply with other law applicable to the business of pawnbroker, or has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of a violation of any provision of this chapter.
(1988-M-27: § 1)