5.45.020 – License required, application, fee and bond requirements

  1. No person shall engage in, carry on or conduct the business of a pawnbroker within the city unless he be licensed so to do.
  2. Any person desiring a license as a pawnbroker shall make application in writing therefor to the Mayor, setting out in such application the full name and residence of the applicant, if an individual, and if a corporation, partnership or firm, the name and residence of each of its officers and local agent, individual owner, partner, associate, director and trade names to be used by applicant.  Such application shall also set out the location at which it is intended or desired to conduct such business and any other information the Mayor or his designee shall find necessary.
  3. If such applicant shall produce satisfactory evidence of good character to the Mayor, he shall direct the City Clerk to issue a license to such applicant to conduct, carry on or engage in the business of a pawnbroker, at the place designated in such application for and during the period of such license, upon payment by such applicant to the City Clerk of an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) and the filing of a bond as required in this chapter.
  4. Every person so licensed shall at the time of receiving such license execute a bond to the city in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) with good and sufficient sureties, conditioned for the due observance of the ordinances of the city respecting pawnbrokers at any time during the continuance of such license.
(1988-M-27: § 1)