5.44.010 – Licenses - Exceptions

  1. It is unlawful for any person to operate a business as a dealer in junk, dismantled or wrecked motor vehicles or parts thereof, and secondhand articles without having first obtained and kept in effect a license therefor.  Such secondhand articles shall include, but not be limited to, used household goods and personal items, metals and gems.
  2. This chapter shall not apply to those isolated transactions commonly known as "garage sales" or "rummage sales;" provided that the same are held a maximum of twice yearly.
  3. This chapter shall not apply to antique dealers, flea market dealers, and consignment dealers except to the extent any of them shall in the course of business purchase jewelry, gems and/or precious metals.
  4. This chapter shall not apply to not-for-profit organizations operating a business as described in subsection A above if the articles sold are originally donated to the organization.
  5. Organizations operating a business as described in subsection A that have obtained the secondhand articles from a not-for-profit organization, and the articles to be sold were originally donated to that not-for-profit organization, and the organization does not purchase any secondhand articles from the general public, shall be exempt from Section 5.44.020 and Section 5.44.040, but shall otherwise comply with the requirements of this Chapter.
(2011-M-49: § 1; 1983-M-27: § 1 (part))