5.36.100 – Additional Regulations for Charitable Solicitations

  1. Financial Disclosure Required:  The charitable organization shall, upon request, distribute to every person solicited a financial statement of said charitable organization for the preceding twelve (12) months which shall include a balance sheet and statement of income and expenses clearly setting forth the following:  gross receipts and gross income from all sources broken down into total receipts and income from each separate solicitation project or source; cost of administration ; cost of solicitation; cost of programs designed to inform or educate the public; funds or properties transferred out of the state of Illinois, with explanation as to recipient and purpose; total net income amount for each major purpose, charitable or otherwise.  Statements shall be signed by the president or other authorized officer or agent and shall be accompanied by an opinion signed by an independent certified public accountant that said financial statement fairly represents the financial operation of the charitable organization.

    A copy of the annual report to the attorney general of Illinois required by 225 Illinois Compiled Statutes 460/4, as amended, may be presented in lieu of the aforementioned financial statement.  For the purpose of financial statements, the definitions and standards applicable to the annual report to the attorney general as set forth in paragraph 460/4 shall be utilized.

    In the event a charitable organization has not been established for a period of twelve (12) months, a copy of the registration statement filed with the attorney general of Illinois pursuant to 225 Illinois Compiled Statutes 460/2, as amended, may be utilized.

  2. Solicitation of Charitable Contributions On Highways: Solicitation of charitable contributions on highways within the City shall be permitted ; provided, however, that all such activity shall be conducted in strict conformity with and shall be limited to that activity permitted under the provisions of the Illinois vehicle code paragraph 5/11-1006(c) and this code.

    In order to, on an ongoing basis, evaluate the safety of solicitors and the safety of motorists, and to otherwise provide for the orderly flow of traffic, the City may authorize charitable solicitation on highways to take place during such times as the City may approve, notwithstanding any time limitation set forth in section 5.36.080 of this ordinance to the contrary. Permits will only be given charitable organizations with a City of St. Charles mailing address.  A permit may be granted at the discretion of the Chief of Police to a charitable organization who serves citizens of St. Charles but may not have a St. Charles mailing address.

(2018-M-25: § 5; 2015-M-28: § 1; 2012-M-22: § 1; 1970-M-16: (part); Prior code: § 25.1013)