5.24.040 – Unauthorized posting on public property prohibited

No person shall post, stick, stamp, paint or otherwise fix, or cause the same to be done by any person, any notice, placard, bill, card, poster, advertisement or other paper or device calculated to attract the attention of the public, to or upon any sidewalk, crosswalk, curb or curbstone, flagstone, or any other portion or part of any public way or public place, or any lamppost, electric light, telegraph, telephone or trolley line pole, or railway structure, hydrant, shade tree or treebox, or upon the piers, columns, trusses, girders, railings, gates or other parts of any public bridge or viaduct, or other public structure or buildings, or upon any pole, box or fixture of the fire alarm or police telegraph system, except such as may be authorized or required by the laws of the United States, or state, and the ordinances of the city.

(1978-M-43: § 1 (part); Prior code: § 25.603)