5.20.170 – Notice

No license shall be revoked, suspended, or refused until the applicant or license holder has received written notice of violation from the Chief of Police.  The notice shall set forth the allegations of why the applicant or license holder should be revoked, suspended, or refused.  Said notice shall be served upon an applicant or license holder by delivering the same personally or by delivery to the place of business or residence of the applicant or license holder.  All applicants or license holders shall notify the City within 24 hours of any change of address.  If the service of such notice cannot be made in the manner provided herein, a copy of such notice shall be sent by regular mail, postage prepaid, to the last known address of the applicant or license holder contained in the City’s files.  The revocation or suspension of license shall be deemed effective immediately after personal service or after the mailing of the written notice as provided herein.

(2016-M-31: § 5)