5.20.130 – Prohibited Acts and Conditions

  1. No person shall conduct or operate a massage business without first obtaining and maintaining a massage business license as required by this chapter.
  2. No person shall operate or conduct any massage establishment which does not conform to the sanitary provisions required by this chapter.
  3. No person having a license under this chapter shall operate under any name or conduct business under any designation not specified in that license or permit.
  4. No person shall advertise, promote, or refer to himself or herself as a massage therapist as herein defined without being a massage therapist as provided in this chapter or Illinois statute.
  5. A patron’s sexual and genital areas, as defined herein, must be covered by towels, cloths or similar nontransparent garments, including undergarments, when in the presence of a massage therapist or employee.
  6. No person, knowingly, in a massage establishment, shall expose or fail to conceal his or her sexual and genital parts, or any portion thereof, to any other person.  It shall also be unlawful for any person, knowingly, in a massage establishment, to expose the sexual or genital parts, or any portion thereof, of any other person.
  7. No person, knowingly, in a massage establishment, shall place his or her hands upon, to touch with any part of his or her body, to fondle in any manner, or to massage, a sexual or genital area of another person.
  8. No massage therapist or employee shall perform or offer or agree to perform any act, whether or not for compensation of any form, which would require the touching of the patron’s sexual or genital area.
  9. No massage therapist shall administer a massage to an area of the body of a   patron exhibiting any skin fungus, skin infection, skin inflammation, or skin eruption, unless a physician duly licensed by the state certifies in writing that such area of the body may be safely massaged and prescribes the conditions thereof.
  10. No person, owning, operating or managing a massage establishment, shall knowingly cause, allow or permit in or about such massage establishment, any agent, employee, or any other person under his or her control or supervision to perform any acts prohibited by this chapter.
  11. No person or business licensed under this chapter shall operate or conduct an outcall massage service as defined in this chapter.
(2014-M-42: § 1)