5.20.060 – Terms of License: License Fees: License Renewal

  1. The term of licenses issued under this chapter is for one year beginning May1, and ending on April 30.
  2. All license fees shall be paid at the time that the application is made.  The license application fee and the annual license renewal fee for a massage business license shall be $250, plus a $50 fingerprint fee.  In addition to said annual fee, the applicant shall provide evidence to the City that a qualified Massage Therapist, as defined in §5.20.010 of this chapter will be present on the premises to comply with the requirements of §5.20.030.  All applicable license fees and any other required fees, including costs of fingerprinting, shall be paid prior to the issuance of any license.
  3. A license may be revoked for failure to pay the license fees and for those grounds stated in 5.20.180.  Such revocation may be in addition to any fine imposed.
  4. No license shall be issued or renewed if the license, its officers, directors, or shareholders are in arrears of any debt owed to the City.
(2020-M-41: § 1; 2014-M-42: § 1)