5.14.100 – Rules of operation – Designated

In addition to any other condition or regulation contained in this chapter or in the statutes of the state, the following conditions and regulations shall be applicable to and shall govern and control the business of keeping or providing amusement game devices for public use within the city:

  1. No amusement game device shall be used for purposes of gambling as defined and prohibited under the laws of the state of Illinois.
    (Ord. 1991-M-39 § 1(c).)
  2. The Director of Finance of the city shall have the power, duty and function to enter or to authorize any law enforcing officer to enter, at any time, upon the premises licensed under this chapter, to determine whether any of the provisions of the state law or city ordinance or any rules or regulations adopted by the city or by the state have been or are being violated, and at such time to examine the premises of the licensee in connection therewith.  Any person or persons appointed by the Director of Finance to assist him in the exercise of the powers and the performance of the duties provided in this subsection shall have the powers given to the Director of Finance by this subsection.
(1997-M-91: § 1; 1984-M-25: § 1 (c,f); 1982-M-22: § 1; 1981-M-46: § 2; 1979-M-38: § 5(a))