5.12.040 – Athletic exhibitions - Licensing requirements

  1. It is unlawful to conduct, operate or exhibit any race between persons, animals or vehicles, or any baseball game, boxing or wrestling matches or any other athletic contest or exhibition for admission to which a fee is charged without having first procured a license therefor.  The city council shall have the power to waive any such license and fee charges for not-for-profit charitable organizations.
  2. The proprietor of such exhibition shall submit to the clerk a statement verified under oath of the gross receipts of each such game, contest or race, within one week after such exhibition.  At the same time, the proprietor or person exhibiting or operating such exhibition shall pay to the clerk a sum equal to three percent of the gross receipts.
  3. Sufficient members of the police department shall be admitted free of charge to all such exhibitions for the purpose of preserving and maintaining order; and the city clerk may post a person or any number of persons at the box office of each such performance; and may examine all the books pertaining to such performance showing or tending to show the gross receipts.
(Prior code: § 22.104)