5.09.010 – Definitions

DEFINITIONS: All words and phrases used in this chapter and not otherwise defined herein, which are defined in the Video Gaming Act, effective July 13, 2009 ( 230 ILCS 40/ 1 et seq.), shall have the meanings accorded to such words and phrases in said Act. Unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms as used in this chapter shall be construed according to the following definitions:

A.     LICENSED ESTABLISHMENT: Any licensed retail establishment where alcoholic liquor is drawn, poured, mixed or otherwise served for consumption on the premises. The term Licensed Establishment includes any licensed fraternal establishment and/or licensed veterans establishment as those terms are defined in the Video Gaming Act, 230 ILCS 40/ 1 et seq., as amended (" Video Gaming Act")

B.      VIDEO GAMING: The ownership, placement, maintenance, operation or use of a video gaming terminal ( as defined below) in a licensed establishment( as defined above) within the city.

C.      VIDEO GAMING TERMINAL: Any electronic video game machine, that upon insertion of cash, electronic cards or vouchers, or any combination thereof, is available to play or simulate the play of a video game, including but not limited to video poker, line up and blackjack, as authorized by the Illinois Gaming Board, utilizing a video display and microprocessors in which the player may receive free games or credits that can be redeemed for cash. The term does not include a machine that directly dispenses coins, cash or tokens or is for amusement purposes only.

D.      DISTRIBUTOR: any individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company licensed under this the Illinois Video Gaming Act (230 ILCS 40/5) to buy, sell, lease, or distribute video gaming terminals or major components or parts of video gaming terminals to or from terminal operators.

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