5.08.220 – License – Multiple Locations

Where two (2) or more locations, places or premises are under the same roof or at one street address and do not hold a site license, a separate local liquor license shall be obtained for each such location, place or premise; provided that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to prevent any hotel or motel operator licensed under the provisions of this chapter from serving alcoholic liquor to his registered guests in any room or part of his hotel or motel, if such liquor so served shall be kept in and served from a licensed location, place or premises in said hotel or motel.

Alcohol sold from one licensed location for the purpose of consumption on the premises may be carried to and consumed within a second licensed location under the same roof so long as such movement can be made wholly within the enclosed structure of the premises or within a permitted outside consumption area.

(2015-M-14: § 1; 2010-M-29: § 1; 2017-M-21: § 1)