3.50.050 – Review and Approval of Applications and Programs

The City Council shall be solely responsible for the approval of all programs and applications that utilize the expenditure of Housing Trust Funds.  Applications for Housing Trust Fund awards shall be submitted to the Director of Community Development (or his or her designee).  Applications/programs that comply with the applicable requirements shall be forwarded to the Housing Commission, and any applications/programs that do not comply shall be returned to the applicant with a written explanation of why the application will not be considered.  The Commission shall review and make recommendations to the City Council as to which applications/programs are awarded Housing Trust Funds

The City Council may, at its discretion, approve a program that delegates the approval of applications and the dispersal of Housing Trust Fund moneys to the Housing Commission or Community Development Director (or His/Her Designee), provided that provisions for the disbursement of Housing Trust Fund moneys are specifically set forth within the scope of that program, and the program complies with the provisions of this Chapter.

(2010-M-16: § 1)