3.50.030 – Housing Commission Responsibilities

The Housing Commission shall make recommendations to the City Council regarding the following:

  1. the goals for the use of Housing Trust Fund resources;
  2. the Housing Trust Fund’s annual budget including projected expenditures and revenues;
  3. the procedures for reviewing applications and awarding Housing Trust Fund resources to Applicants;
  4. the criteria to be used by the Housing Commission, the City Council, and City staff in reviewing applications and programs that utilize Housing Trust Fund resources;
  5. the procedures to be used for disbursing Housing Trust Fund resources;
  6. the review of applications and programs for Housing Trust Fund awards;
  7. the procedures to be used to monitor Eligible Activities funded by the Housing Trust Fund to ensure that Housing Trust Fund resources are used in conformance with all applicable requirements; and
  8. the evaluation of Housing Trust Fund activities.
(2010-M-16: § 1)