3.48.003 – PEG Access Support Fee Imposed

  1. PEG Fee Imposed.  A PEG access support fee is hereby imposed on any holder providing cable service or video service in the City in addition to the fee imposed pursuant to Section 5.50.002 herein.
  2. Amount of Fee.  The amount of the PEG access support fee imposed hereby shall be one percent (1%) of the holder’s gross revenues or, if greater, the percentage of gross revenues that incumbent cable operators pay to the City or its designee for PEG access support in the City.
  3. Payment.  The holder shall pay the PEG access support fee to the City or to the entity designated by the City to manage PEG access.  The holder’s liability for the PEG access support fee shall commence on the date set forth in Section 3.48.002(D).
  4. Payment Due.  The payment of the PEG access support fee shall be due on a quarterly basis, forty-five (45) days after the close of the calendar quarter.  If mailed, the fee is considered paid on the date it is postmarked. Each payment shall include a statement explaining the basis for the calculation of the fee.
  5. Credit for Other Payments. An incumbent cable operator that elects to terminate an existing agreement pursuant to 220 ILCS 5/21-301(c) shall pay, at the time they would have been due, all monetary payments for PEG access that would have been due during the remaining term of the agreement had it not been terminated pursuant to that section.  All payments made by an incumbent cable operator pursuant to the previous sentence may be credited against the fees that the cable operator owes pursuant to Section 3.48.005(B).