3.46.020 – Definitions

As used in this Chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. “Lumber” means wooden boards, planks, timbers, millwork products, molding, paneling, trusses, siding, plywood, particle board, pressed wood/board, oriented strand board, and any other similar wooden product(s).
  2. “Lumberyard” means any place within the City from which lumber is distributed.
  3. “Person” means any natural individual, firm partnership, association, joint stock company, joint venture, public or private corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, or any other entity, or a receiver, executor, trustee, or conservator or other representative appointed by order of any court.
  4. “Distribution” of lumber means the act of delivering lumber from a lumberyard to a third party or the act of transferring lumber to another location.  Distribution may occur on the premises of the lumberyard or through delivery to another location.
(2005-M-14: § 1; 2004-M-80: § 1)