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2.36.050 – Emergency services and diasaster powers of the Mayor

  1. The Fire Chief shall have the general direction and control of the emergency management agency and shall be responsible for the carrying out of the provisions of this Chapter.
  2. In performing his duties under this Chapter, the Mayor is authorized to cooperate with state and federal governments and with other municipalities and political subdivisions in all matters pertaining to emergency services and disaster operations defined in this Chapter.
  3. In performing his duties under this Chapter, the Mayor is further authorized:
    1. to make, amend, and rescind all lawful necessary orders, rules, and regulations of the local disaster plan to carry out the provisions of this Chapter within the limits of the authority conferred upon him.
    2. to cause to be prepared a comprehensive plan and program for the emergency management of this city which plan and program may be integrated into and coordinated with disaster plans of the state and federal governments and of other political subdivisions, and which plan and program may include:
      1. prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by disaster;
      2. prompt and effective response to disaster;
      3. emergency relief;
      4. identification of areas particularly vulnerable to disasters;
      5. recommendations for zoning, building, and other land-use controls, safety measures for securing permanent structures and other preventive and preparedness measures designed to eliminate or reduce disasters or their impact;
      6. assistance to local officials in designing local emergency action plans;
      7. authorization and procedures for the erection or other construction of temporary works designed to protect against or mitigate danger, damage, or loss from flood, conflagration or other disaster;
      8. organization or municipal manpower and chains of command;
      9. other necessary matters.
    3. in accordance with such plan and program for the emergency management of this City, and out of funds appropriated for such purposes, to procure and preposition supplies, medicines, materials, and equipment, to institute training programs and public information programs, and to take all other preparatory steps, including the partial or full mobilization of emergency services and disaster organizations in advance of actual disaster to insure the furnishing of adequately trained and equipped forces for disaster operations.
    4. out of funds appropriated for such purposes, to make such studies and surveys of the industries, resources, and facilities in this municipality as may be necessary to ascertain the capabilities of the City for the emergency management phases of preparedness, response, and recovery, and to plan for the most efficient emergency use thereof.
  4. The Fire Chief is authorized to designate space in a municipal building or elsewhere for the emergency management agency as its office.
(2014-M-17: § 3; 2004-M-61: § 5; 1994-M-26: § 1)