2.36.010 – Policy and procedures

  1. Because of the possibility of the occurrence of disasters of unprecedented size and destructiveness resulting from the explosion in this or in a neighboring municipality, or by means of terrorism or other disloyal actions within, or from fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, or other natural or man-made causes, and in order to insure that this city will be prepared to and will adequately deal with any such disasters, preserve the lives and property of the people of this city and protect the public peace, health, and safety in the event of such a disaster, it is found and declared to be necessary:
    1. To create a municipal emergency management agency.
    2.  To confer upon the Mayor and extraordinary power and authority set forth under § 11-1-6 of the Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILL. Comp. Stat. 5/11-1-6).
    3. To provide for the rendering of mutual aid to other cities and political subdivisions with respect to the carrying out of emergency services and disaster operations.
  2. Whenever the Mayor determines after an investigation that a dangerous situation or a potentially dangerous situation exists which could cause death to individuals or serious injury to property or the health and welfare of public, the Mayor may declare that a state of emergency exists.  The extraordinary powers may not be exercised until an ordinance shall have been adopted which shall establish standards for the determination by the Mayor of when the state of emergency exists and shall provide that the Mayor may not exercise such extraordinary power and authority except after signing under oath a statement finding that such standards have been met, setting forth facts to substantiate such findings, describing the nature of the emergency and declaring that a state of emergency exists.  This statement shall be filed with the clerk of the city as soon as practical.  A state of emergency shall expire not later than the adjournment of the first regular meeting of the corporate authorities after the state of emergency is declared.  A subsequent state of emergency may be declared if necessary.
  3. It is further declared to be the purpose of this Chapter and the policy of the city that all emergency management programs of this city be coordinated to the maximum extent with the comparable functions of the federal and state governments, including their various departments and agencies, of other municipalities and localities and private agencies of every type, to the end that the most effective preparation and use may be made of the nation's manpower, resources, and facilities for dealing with any disaster that may occur.
(2004-M-61: § 2; 1994-M-26: § 1)