2.33.110 – Manager - Purchasing authority

The manager shall have the power and it shall be his duty:

  1. To purchase or contract for all supplies and contractual services needed by any using agency which derives its support wholly or in part from the City, in accordance with purchasing procedures as prescribed by this chapter and such rules and regulations as the manager shall adopt with the concurrence of the Finance Director for the internal management and operation of the office of purchasing and such other rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the Finance Director and the Government Operations Committee;
  2. The authority of the manager to negotiate all purchases for all using agencies shall not be abridged by excepting a particular using agency;
  3. Except as provided in this chapter, no city officer or officers shall purchase any supplies or make any contract within the purview of this chapter other than through the office of purchasing, and any purchase ordered or contract made contrary to the provisions of this chapter shall require the approval of the city council.
(2008-M-1: § 5; 1979-M-37: § 3(2))